Friday, March 29, 2013

New Finsbury, is it right for me? Not really, but I'm keeping it!

I recently purchased a new Filofax! I got the Finsbury personal in blue! Love the color, and blue IS one of my favorite colors.......

So I felt the need (urge) to add it to my collection. I had every intention of actually carrying it, but, wait for it............I used it for a day and just HAD to go back to my Brown Holborn Zip Personal size! I know, I know.........seems we are always looking for the perfect binder. Well, it appears I have finally made up my mind that for me, my Holborn is my perfect binder! I don't feel bad about buying this binder though, I may use it at home for an upcoming project, we'll see. Until then, I am ok with it just residing in my small collection.

Here are pics of it with my inserts.......

Overall I love the leather, it seems very well made. I did not see any ring gaps or marks on the leather so I am pleased with my purchase. I believe my Holborn zip is the perfect binder for me, I have always loved zipped binders because they can usually hold a lot of stuff and I don't have to worry about anything falling out of it, needless to say my Holborn is all that and more to me.

I have thought about this a lot after especially watching YouTube videos from Joshua LaPorte: My setup in the Winchester and A Planner Decision. Also, Katebtps (Kate The Perpetual Student): A Planner Paradox- Filofax. Made me do a lot of thinking about my setup and wether I was happy with it. Here is her link: and here is the link for Joshua LaPorte: for A Planner Decision and link: for My setup in the Winchester.

Now after trying to carry the new binder, which lasted all of one day, before I "pined" away for my Holborn and had to switch it back, pretty much the same night, I have realized that what I already have seems to be truly perfect for me and I keep going back to it unable to use anything else because it just doesn't feel the same!

Silly, I know, but there it is..............such as life......(sigh)


  1. Terry - do you find yourself stroking or petting your Holborn? I do and I make my husband and son do it, too!! LOL!

    1. Honestly, yes I have! I think that is part of the reason I keep going back to it. I love the leather! Also, I just have always loved zip binders. Even before Filofax (gasp, is there such a thing!?) I carried Day Timer and Franklin Covey zip binders! My husband hasn't stroked mine, YET, but he will! Oh, he will! :) thanks for the comment and reading my post/dropping by!

  2. The Holborn and the Aston are my favorite binders because the leather is so soft. I had a Finsbury too and just couldn't bond with it. Mine was yellow, but I love that blue.

    1. I do like the leather on my Finsbury, but not enough to bond with it.....((sigh))... I bought it for the color mainly as blue is my favorite! The Aston looks really nice in pics, but I haven't had the pleasure to see it up close. :( I just found it very hard to not use my Holborn, I didn't think it would be that bad honestly, but by the end of the same day of carrying the Finsbury I just had to go back into my Holborn! Felt like I was having withdrawal! O.o Thanks for the comment and stopping by to read my post! :)