Saturday, April 6, 2013

Filofax Photo a Day, April 6, 2013......... Day 6

This is today's Filofax photo a day challenge. The theme is Fat or Skinny?........

#fflovephotoaday  Day 6

I like both! I like one that is "fat" because it is well used, being full of stuff. Such as the top one, my Holborn zip personal. I also like a skinny one because as you well know that a stuffed one can be heavy, a skinny one is more slimmed down and will weigh much less, the bottom one my Holborn zip A5 that I use as a home binder.

I would have to say I prefer a skinny one because it does weigh less, so with that in mind, my personal is now a skinny because I did slim it down a bit and really like the fact that it isn't so heavy anymore! Thanks for stopping by. You can see more pics on my Instagram page under user TerriSK35.

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