Saturday, January 24, 2015

Back in the saddle?

Not necessarily, just more like touching base I guess. Over the past year, I have had quite a few things happening that have kept me away from my page here. Change of job, laid up with pneumonia (NOT fun), and a few other things, BUT it is a new year and time for me to get back in the mix!

I am using my Midori Travelers Notebook more now. I really like the compact size, and even though it isn't ring bound, it can still be customized to a certain degree. I have been going back and forth between my Midori and my Filofaxes. I still love them both and they both have their own distinct qualities, but for now I am in my Midori and using a bullet journal system which seems to be working best for me at this time. My Instagram feed on the main page of this blog has my most recent pics of my systems, just click on the picture to go into my Instagram pages for further views.  Guess we'll see how it goes, I will be posting more pictures soon on my Filofaxes and now my Midori. Thanks for stopping by my page and......

ON WITH 2015!!!

Midori Travelers Notebook

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