Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My new Chameleon handbag insert

Today I received my new handbag insert and I really like it! It is from a company called Chameleon Handbag inserts and it is a small business company started and owned by Kathy Robinson. The link is http://www.chameleoninserts.com and she has a wide selection of colors and styles.

I chose creamy tan for my color in the large size. I am probably going to order a medium and an extra large so I have a size to fit all my handbags, I like it that much! The construction looks to be very well made and it can be turned inside out as well, so your pockets can mainly be on the inside or the outside whichever you prefer. Once you have your items in the insert, it can be lifted from one bag and into another with ease! I love that! This means No more loading and unloading everything in your bag one item at a time leaving a bad chance of forgetting something in the exchange of bags (and who hasn't done that before?!)!

All in all, I am really pleased with my purchase. Check out her web site, she does have an informative video explaining about her, and the sizes and colors she offers. I believe she also still has a sale on the extra large size right now as well. Thanks for reading my post, and my pics here can also be seen on my Instagram at user TerriSK35.

(This review is unsolicited and all comments and thoughts are my own.)

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